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This book will provide you with a method to record and later relive precious time spent with your grandchildren, from the first time you hold them, to remembering the fun you had together reading, playing games, and walking in the park, as well as all the other adventures and memories of things done by, with, and for your grandchildren.

There are also several child-friendly recipes to create fun and tasty treats with your grandchildren to surprise the whole family. In addition, you will find a list of activities that your and your grandchildren can do for little or no cost.

Finally, I have included space for drawings, notes and other memorabilia your grandchildren created for you. This will help you preserve these precious mementos, keeping them safe for the time when you and the kids take time to look back and enjoy this “book of memories.”

I know you will have a wonderful time writing and remembering your treasured experiences with your grandchild. I can tell you from personal experience, the enjoyment never ends!